Those more attentive of our membership would notice a strong showing of the regional metropolis Orange in everything the Club does.

With three team members (Damo, Mal and Des) having spent their formative years there, Orange gets prime position on the wine list and is top of the picks when considering a weekend away.

And so it was last weekend when our touring party of 25 took over Orange’s finest restaurants, its golf courses and the open roads.

Colin Dunn, Andrea Werner and Annie Jaroszewicz were victorious on the golf course. Both Duntryleague and Wentworth golf clubs tested even the lowest handicaps.

All were treated like podium finishers at the well-known Union Bank and Lolli Redini whilst enjoying local wine and fare.

The cycling was exceptional. Two rides taking in the airport and Cadia goldmine were not for the faint-hearted. We were told the Secretary was a beneficiary of the encyclopaedic knowledge of the peloton on etiquette and the secrets of riding within one.

“Thanks very much for all your work to make this one of the best events in the Tatts calendar.” Paul Chappell Committee Member, epicurean, golfer and cyclist!

Planning is underway for a new destination and offering, watch this space.