Over the last weeks, the Athletic Department has put on an 8-Week Challenge to get our Members’ fitness back, after coming into the New Year.

All Members started the challenge with an Inbody Scan where we were able to gain an accurate base level of body composition. Each Member then received a program that was split into two phases that lasted four weeks each. This program was designed to work on full body strength. Each fortnight we had extra workout challenges to keep everyone motivated and competitive.

As well as the training program, recipes for healthy snacks and nutrition information were also sent out to guide the challengers to make good choices and work on intuitive eating. Our nutrition guru, Zuzana, held a breakfast seminar where she spoke in length about all things nutrition, really deep diving into what makes up the food we consume, how to make better choices and why we eat the way we do.

Over the entirety of the challenge, our Members have lost a combined weight of nearly 100kg (97.5kg) which is a tremendous effort from each of them. They have all embodied what hard work and consistency can accomplish.

Our final scans were unfortunately pushed back two extra weeks, but this only excites us as it means that everyone has another two weeks to really get the results they are after.

The 8-Week Challenge is one small fraction of what the Athletic Department has on offer this year including swim meets, cycling groups, education seminars and of course our famous marathon relocation challenge.

If you would like to find out more, please contact the team at addesk@tattersallsclub.org.