If you are an early riser, you have likely had the pleasure of encountering Cinzia’s infectious energy and warm personality during your visit to our Member’s bar or Dining Room during breakfast.

Cinzia has perfected the art of making people feel welcome, and it radiates through her interactions with each person she meets. But that is not the only task that Cinzia handles excellently. She also plays an instrumental role behind the scenes! As part of the Administration team, Cinzia is working tirelessly for setting up the new accounts system that supports our business process.

As Cinzia’s colleagues, we can’t help but admire her unwavering positive attitude and exemplary work ethic. She tackles each project with enthusiasm and is always willing to lend a helping hand. Her contributions to the team go far beyond her primary responsibilities, and we appreciate the value she brings to our workplace each day.

We want to conclude by congratulating Cinzia on this well-deserved recognition. Her unwavering commitment to our guests’ satisfaction and her dedication to making our systems more effective set her apart as an exceptional employee. Cinzia, thank you for being an asset to our team and an inspiration to us all – we could not be prouder to have you on board.