Written by Member Kymbal Dunne

We had a great tour of the Basque Country in the northern sector of Spain near the Pyrenees mountains on the Atlantic Ocean coast over 9 days last month.

In the end, we covered 800km and ascended 12,500m visiting towns and cities like Bilbao, Vitoria, Briones, Urduna, Rioja and San Sebastián.

The riders were all elite and one, Jonathan Shubert, a scientist, holds the current world record by breaking the 100-mile record in under 3 hours (54km per hour) as well as the 24-hour record of 518 miles. Our Basque-born driver, Gorka was a wonderful character. His 20-year professional background as a policeman and fireman ensured that we were well represented and respected!

We were 15 riders including three Tattersalls members, namely, Michael Hanrahan, Paul Khoury and Kymbal Dunne and many regular Zeal of Zebras riders who dine at Tattersalls on cycling nights.

The Zeal plans to have a domestic tour next year (2024) in Adelaide around March/April and the next overseas tour in 2025. They are currently considering either Japan or Italy/Slovenia as destinations in September. An information night and optional dinner will be held on Thursday 09 November 2023 at Tattersalls Club at 18:00 to propose and discuss both upcoming cycling tours, register interest and have dinner afterwards. Everyone who is interested in cycling and adventure in comfort should attend.

Famous for their culture the Sydney bicycle, Zeal of Zebras is in its 20th year and like Tattersalls holds honour and friendship as core values. The Zeal never leaves a rider behind and never allows one to flee the bunch without a concerted effort to hunt them down!