Tuesday 8th August 2023

Your unique chance to learn the art of poker directly from Brendon Rubie, winner of two Aussie Millions titles and one World Series of Poker title.

Poker is a challenging game that involves strategy, mathematics, reading people, and self-discipline. Learning to play poker is a multi-faceted endeavour that not only offers enjoyment and entertainment but also develops valuable skills applicable to different aspects of life. So why not give it a try and explore the exciting world of poker?

Intermediate Class

Date: Tuesday 8th August 2023
Ticket: $120 per person includes 2-hr poker intermediate class, drink on arrival and nibbles.

The intermediate class will be a 2-hr class with a game to follow. This game will have less help from Brandon so that you can test your abilities autonomously.

The class includes:

  • Intermediate level ‘GTO’ strategies – Managing your chip stack, understanding maths, pot odds and hand reading abilities.
  • Intermediate level understanding of timing tells, betting tells, and body language tells.
  • How to effectively bluff and call opponent’s bluffs

Book your class at events@tattersallsclub.org