Tuesday 05 September at 07:15

Meeting under the Chatam House rule, the last edition of Tattersalls Business Forum covered the inside story of the Education, Energy and Food sectors.

During our sessions, the spread of information and opinions always equates to better understanding.  This time the team discussed what they’re reading and listening to – and the list alone might give you a tiny glimpse into why the group is so well-informed!

Podcasts and Books for inspiration and enlightenment include:

  • Why Nations Fail
  • All-In
  • Cadre Country
  • Macro Voices
  • Smartless
  • Financial Times
  • Business Breakdowns
  • Red Handed
  • The Millionaires Factory
  • Power of the Subconscious
  • The Great Shark Hunt
  • Life of Creatures
  • Global Truths
  • Lex Fridman
  • My Fathers Dreams
  • Bad Blood

Did you know?  Two of our members that regularly come to the Business Forum meetings have their own podcasts & channels:

  • Tommy Lim on Finance – Explaining the Mortgage Cliff in-depth
  • Keith Suter on Global Affairs – Global Truths Podcast

If you’d like to be part of a Business Think Tank, this is the place. Sharing ideas and uncovering the realities of the wide corporate environment and trends.

All members are welcome – you just need to be curious and opinionated.


Tuesday 05 September at 07:15


07:15: Welcome Breakfast
07:30: Sharp Start
08:55: Hard Finish.

To join the next Business Forum breakfast please contact Camille at events@tattersallsclub.org