From Monday 11 to Friday 29 September

In the fast-paced world we live in, it’s all too easy to lose touch with the people and things that matter most. That’s why, we take pride in not just being a club but a community that cares deeply about its members. Today, we want to check in on your wellbeing and remind you about our important updates.

Between Monday 11 September and Friday 29 September, our team will be making personal calls to each and every one of you. We want to ensure that you are doing well, staying connected with your fellow members, and making the most of your Tattersalls’ experience.

This is not just a routine check-in; it’s an honest conversation to understand how you’re doing and to address any concerns or needs you may have. We’re here for you, and your wellbeing is our top priority.

Behind every call or email there’s a dedicated team of professionals working diligently to assist, listen and ensure that your experience remains exceptional. We kindly request your understanding and patience as they reach out to you.

We respect your privacy and understand that some members may prefer not to receive calls. If you do not wish to be called during this well-being check-in period, please click here to opt out. Rest assured, we’ll still send you an email with all the essential updates.