Like many Italian-Australians in the King Valley, the Cavedon family were originally tobacco growers before moving into grape growing. Dino Cavedon took up grapes in 1977 planting in-demand varieties.

Tattersalls latest addition is the 2022 Cavedon Single Vineyard Prosecco. It is made with unpressed juice so there is less bitterness from the skins and more of the delicate fruit flavour the grape is known for. Prosecco itself is intended to be enjoyed young hence it is super easy to drink.

The label is inspired by Dino himself, suffused with love and second generation vigneron, and is a nod to his lifetime of growing grapes well suited to Mediterranean cuisine.

King Valley Prosecco is bubbling to the top. Why be a milquetoast when you can be a king? Catapult yourself into the Members’ Bar and let the team pour you a glass of the perfect aperitif.