Quail has a reputation as a fussy dish. Due to its incredibly rich flavours, more farms across the country are raising quality quail — much of it organic and free-range.

Currently available for lunch in the Dining Room, our Deboned Quail with goat’s curd, Shimeji mushrooms and port, is drenched in an orange zest-thyme-black peppercorn blend before being pan-fried, to arrive bronzed to perfection.

A sip of Pinot Noir adds balanced acidity, and a tangle of mushrooms will impress. Quail is not only delightful in taste but offers several nutritional benefits. (It is a lean source of protein, low in fat, and rich in essential vitamins and minerals. It is particularly known for its high content of iron, which plays a vital role in maintaining healthy red blood cells).

Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy this delicious dish, contact the team at dine@tattersallslcub.org to reserve a table today.