By F&B’s Esmond Kwan

Shiraz was known as syrah in many countries around the world until Australian winemakers got hold of the grape, made their own version, and gave it the Aussie name, ‘shiraz’.

Syrah vines were brought to Australia in the mid-1800s, happily putting their roots down, and making luscious red wines.

There is absolutely no difference between shiraz and syrah grape varieties, the only variables that create different tastes are the usual factors of location, climate, soil, and winemaking.

I like to think of this grape as two distinct personalities. While shiraz is the chap you might find leaning up against the Members’ Bar – somewhat loud, brash, and full of character, you will find syrah in the Members’ Dining Room, still with bags of personality, but it takes some time to get to know.

Winemakers around the world decide whether their wine is the guy in the bar or the one in the dining room depending on the style of the wine they have made. I like both, depending on my mood and the occasion.

In our Limited Cellar Release, we have listed the 2012 Aramis ‘The Governor’ Syrah from McLaren Vale. This is the flagship of Aramis wines, an ultimate expression of their unique vineyard site and winemaking passion.

For those Members who have already tried its younger brother, Aramis ‘The Bastion’, you will know it’s all hand-picked from the best site on the vineyard. The Governor, on the other hand, is then berry-selected from these hand-picked bunches and then further barrel-selected, producing a tiny quantity of super high-quality Syrah.

The wine has aromas of ripe blackberry, licorice, and spice followed by some confectionary, an overall smoky oak with smooth tannins – pairing perfectly with our lamb shank featured dish of the week.

To enjoy this bottle, please get in touch with the team at to reserve a table.