It’s 5:00 on a Wednesday morning. There is a howling wind and it’s raining. Denis has already done a 2k warmup and six strides. The coach called for eight reps of the Cathedral Hill which is a 470 m hill climb. It’s great prep for the City to Surf with a mix of uphill for strength and downhill for the quads. There are no complaints from Denis who has been regularly doing this since March.

Denis is very focused and committed to being regular at our fitness classes, and has a jam-packed week with these sessions ranging from circuit training, spin class, and 10k run, to strength training.

This is what it takes to complete a city to surf run in only 66 minutes at the age of 70. We are thrilled to experience the level of dedication Denis has towards his health and fitness. Along with Denis, Tattersalls’ running legend Arthur Huxtable has also achieved this feat.

A toast to Denis for this amazing effort.

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