If any recipes for raw meat dishes predate the 20th century, as a proud 19th-century institution we like to consider ourselves early adopters. Chef Fernando has brought back steak tartare with cornichons, quail egg yolk and pommes allumettes to bring you the experience of one of the most refined Bistrot French dishes, encouraged by Tattersalls’ epicureans for decades.

Our tartare is made using the freshest of high-quality ingredients and is luscious in profile.

The popular notion that steak tartare – a French dish made with chopped raw beef, raw egg yolk, mustard and capers – originated with the Tatars, horseback-riding descendants of Genghis Khan. Purportedly, the Mongol riders placed slabs of horse meat under their saddles and ate the pulverized meat raw after a long day of soldiering is what cultural historians call “fakelore.” That’s folklore reproduced in histories and reference books because it’s as colourful as it is impossible to prove or disprove.

The name ‘tartare’ probably derives from the very French tendency to label something un-French as barbaric before they can properly enjoy it. What’s even more barbaric is if you didn’t enjoy this dish with our featured wine – 2020 Tapanappa Foggy Hill Pinot Noir. Its bouquet of cherries and black pepper paired beautifully with the flavours of this dish, and its bright acidity & supple tannins work great with the earthy notes of the tartare.

To enjoy this pairing, please contact the team at dine@tattersallsclub.org to reserve a table in the dining room today.