Wednesday 28 February at 18:00

Unfortunately, our Valentine’s Day celebration had to be postponed due to circumstances beyond our control. However, we’ve now confirmed the new date for 28 February. While it won’t be a Valentines Day celebration, we’ll be flying to the Americas to explore and discover some exquisite wines.

We’ll depart from the Russian River Zin and head directly to Argentina (with some Australian comparisons), to delight in Patagonian Chardonnay and Pinot before heading to Mendoza and Salta for a Syrah and some of the famed Argentinian Malbecs.

A short flight over the Andes takes us to Itata, approximately 400km south of Santiago de Chile, offering a potential first experience – for many of us – with “País” a red wine grape that has played a prominent role in the Chilean wine industry.

Our journey concludes with Zin on the long-haul flight back to Sydney. Notably, except for the Russian River and Willamette wines, all selections are single vineyard varietals.