Book Club Members were treated to a visit by the author Elizabeth Farrelly who joined us from a rooftop in the incredibly amazing city of Rome!

Surprising the attendees, Elizabeth spoke of some interesting elements to the book. She acknowledged it might be a tough read for non-academics and highlighted feedback that she can often be criticized for the depth of writing.

Of note were her comments about the book being published a year late and with edits relating to the extraordinary shifts COVID has delivered. It was a real treat and we look forward to welcoming Elizabeth to the Club on her return.

Three-word summaries are de rigueur in Book Club land and we had;

  • Too late now?
  • Density tramples reader
  • A lost opportunity

Don’t miss out on the next instalment 17:30 Tuesday 31 May. We will discuss the book: The Leopard by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa.

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