Like most things, the beauty of the French language makes all things sound better.

Sauvignon Blanc must be the most self-effacing of wines. Chardonnay has centre stage while Riesling is the most respected of all whites. Sometimes an alias makes all the difference, from Pelé (Edson Arantes do Nascimento) to Jimmy Choo (Zhou Yang Jie) a name counts. Are you maybe averse to Sauvignon Blanc but a devotee of a Loire Valley Sancerre (made from Sauvignon Blanc)? This wine is for you.

In the mid-1960s on a warm summer day in July, American winemaker Robert Mondavi took what had been a sugary, bland wine with no varietal character, fermented it completely until it was dry, aged it in oak and then gave it its new name – Fumé Blanc.

Newly listed on Tattersalls’ wine list is the 2021 Nashdale Lane Fumé Blanc from Orange, NSW. With notes of grapefruit, herbs & a hint of vanilla, balanced by soft acids with a savoury finish, it is the ideal fish wine. It stands up to and complements the flavours of slightly spicy food & almost all seafood, and its acidity cuts through & neutralises the natural oiliness of fish dishes.

So come into the Members’ Bar and Dining Room today and order yourself a glass. Perfectly drinkable on its own or with two fish tacos – simple and classic!

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