Eating healthy doesn’t have to mean bland food. Many of us find the balance of nutrition and enjoyment tricky to get right, but there’s plenty you can do to make your home-cooked meals flavoursome and nutritious too.

Using spices is an easy way to add all kinds of healthy and delicious flavours to your cooking. Check out our top tips for spices and seasoning, and start enjoying eating in a way that compliments your goals in the Athletic Department

Benefits of herbs and spices
Herbs and spices are typically sought after first for their flavour and aroma, but many of our favourites also have some great health benefits.

Knowing what to pair which spice with is also a challenge, but lucky for you Head Chef Fernando has provided the following ideas for which spices and ingredients to use.

  • Ground ginger and chilli powder: a simple combination perfect on roast salmon, which is a good option for more omega-3 in your diet.
  • Chinese five spice: powdered star anise, cinnamon, cloves, Sichuan peppers and fennel seeds; a staple in all kinds of delicious Chinese dishes.  This could be used as a rub on your favourite grilled protein, or as a seasoning on your veggies.
  • Bay leaves and coriander seeds: These spices will provide a huge aromatic sensation as well as add a familiar and delicious taste to any curries