Gym, Pilates, Yoga, HIIT or a retro style silent DJ spin class, Tattersalls covers a wide variety of workouts that Members look forward to.

But the vote for Members’ favourite workout this Thursday goes to none other than the Disco spin class.

There isn’t another 6 am eye-opening workout out there better than this one.

A high-energy workout with heaving dance tracks and a few Aussie rock songs thrown in helped transport our members to an extreme trance of fitness.

The idea behind the hybrid style of the workout was to encourage the members to challenge their cardio and HIIT limits while they are hooked on an amazing playlist to be able to enjoy this choreographed workout to its fullest.

The workout was also carefully structured to suit the different fitness levels of the participating members.

We have received highly positive feedback from the members who participated in today’s morning workout session.

This is just the start of our ‘Spin Series’. We will keep you informed about such upcoming sessions.

If you’d like to learn more or have any queries about our Spin class or any other classes offered at the Athletic department, please get in touch with the AD Team at