Spin is a low impact class where the pace and speed vary throughout the workout. Sometimes spin requires flat-out speed, other times pedalling happens from a slow, standing position.

Spin is a class for anyone and everyone, and we are lucky at Tattersalls to have it on our timetable four times a week.

Each class is different and led by instructors who know how to get the most out of the bikes and what they offer.

Our traditional style classes take place 12:30 Monday and Wednesday, and 06:00 Thursday, while 12:30 Friday Trainer Malcolm leads a fusion style class that takes in all the goodness from Spin and combines it with some plyometric exercise.

We can’t recommend these classes higher. In fact, we guarantee this is the most fun you can have while exercising indoors thanks to our silent disco headphones and extremely tasteful playlists.

To book a bike for the upcoming class or if you have any questions regarding spin please feel free to reach out to the team in the AD at addesk@tattersallsclub.org.

See you spinning in the AD soon!