Following our 40-year tradition, we are officially starting the nominations for the Sportsperson of the Year for 2023! Not much has changed during the years, and we keep this as an annual event in order to formally recognise the achievement of excellence of sports people in the Club.

Now let’s have a look at the rules:

CRITERIA FOR NOMINATION: 1. Regularity of participation in sporting club activities and the Athletic Department in general. 2. Degree of success. 3. Sportsmanship demonstrated. 4. Enthusiasm and general contribution. 5. General standing and reputation in relation to overall Club Membership.

WINNER SELECTION PROCESS:  Nominees will be the Athletic Department Members of the Month for the calendar year as selected on the above criteria by the Athletic Department team and management. A re-cap of each nominee’s achievements will be announced to all Members and voting will open. Votes are to be submitted to management by a specified date each year.

ADJUDICATION OF THE AWARD: The announcement of the winner will be made by the Club’s Chairperson at the Club’s annual Christmas Party. The award winner’s name is to be entered onto an honour board which is permanently displayed within the Club. An annual trophy is also presented to the winner with their name engraved on the base.

Please note the last day to vote will be 17:00 on Thursday 14 December before the Christmas party commences.

2022 Sportsperson of the Year – Guy Farrow