We would like to congratulate our Sportsperson of the Year, Maria Cresta.

Maria had multiple amazing achievements during the year and we are honoured to be a part of her athletic journey.

Together with her partner, Maria completed the Everest base camp Trek, a once in a lifetime experience which requires extensive physical preparation.

Following on from that, she showed us that commitment and training can turn a dream into reality. With the ultimate goal of finishing a marathon sub 2 hours, Maria followed her training plan to the finest of margins (remember it’s the journey, not the destination) guided by her coach Damian and with the support of the Tattersalls Run Club community, Maria finished the half marathon in a PB and in the lightning fast time of 1 hour and 58 minutes.

In her address at the Member’s Christmas Party, Maria highlighted the significance of being the inaugural female recipient of this award, emphasising the value of a supportive community within Tattersalls. This marks a pivotal moment in history that we are proud to be a part of!

Congratulations Maria on your award of Sportsperson of the Year for 2023.