To give our members the opportunity to extend their social and sporting connections, we offer several established special interest groups. By clicking here, you can check our list of Sub Clubs, and maybe add one of it in your New year’s resolutions list.

One of the most loved Sub Clubs is our Whisky Club, the ultimate choice for those who long for the finer things in life. Check what waits for you if you decide to join Whisky Club:

  • A dran of each of 10 Whiskies throughout the year, meticulously selected as part of your membership;
  • An exclusive rate of just $10 for subsequent drans for you to continue your exploration of our curated whisky selection;
  • Exclusive invitations to Whisky evenings designed for connoisseurs (or those in training). In the company of fellow members you will share insights and recommendations and relish the art of whisky tasting in a convivial setting;
  • A back catalogue access for purchase.

Our Whisky selection for 2023 has concluded, and we’re getting ready to curate exciting new labels for our Whisky enthusiasts to savour in the coming year. And guess what? 2024 is bringing in our Whisky Club’s 10th birthday bash! Let’s all gather ’round, clink our glasses, and cheers to a decade of epic Whisky finds and unforgettable moments together!

Are you thinking about joining a Sub Club for 2024?