Friday May 26 at 8:00

Join us for breakfast after a workout or a swim.

Tattersalls is renowned for exploring exciting innovations and technological advancements. Swimming, however, is not!

In this edition of the Fin Review, Tattersalls will be welcoming sports technology innovators eo and founder Jaimie Fuller to demonstrate their latest swim-tech device.

We will be testing the device on some of Tattersalls finest, followed by a presentation over breakfast where Jaimie will walk us through the readings and insights. Finally, we will see what is happening underwater for our Olympians and channel swimmers.

Everyone is welcome to attend, and breakfast will be available. Coach Ewen will be there too if you want to discuss and improve your swimming technique whatever your skill level is.

Introducing SwimBETTER by eo.

eo SwimBETTER is a game-changing device providing real-time data insights to help you improve your swimming stroke and overall technique in the pool. The device fits in the palm of your hand and, when worn during swimming, measures the applied force of your hands in six directions. The unique data captured includes stroke rate, hand path, speed, and the angle of your hands at any moment during your laps.

Used in conjunction with the eo SwimBETTER app, you can view the details and data of your swim immediately on the pool deck or in more detail later on your computer.

eo SwimBETTER is not just for elite athletes. It is for the serious amateur, squad member or clubby who wants to understand how to improve their technique and swim faster.

“I have used tethered machines, and digitized video, among other systems to analyze stroke efficiency. The eo SwimBETTER system allows me to see the points in the stroke where horizontal propulsive force is lost. This is critical in working with swimmers to develop the most efficient strokes possible… eo SwimBETTER will be an incredible tool for improving swimming efficiency.”
Jim Richardson, 2 x NCAA US Coach of the Year, 5 x Big Ten Conference Coach of the Year.

The driving force behind the development and innovation of sports technology company eo is Founder and Chairman, Jaimie Fuller. Jaimie has unparalleled experience in building successful businesses from the ground up. As the former Executive Chairman of SKINS, he founded several campaigns that raised the profile of major issues in international sport – campaigning globally on human rights, doping and LGBTI issues.

Please RSVP to Camille at or on 9263 9217.