Whether you prefer a sauna or steam room both can do wonders for your health. Both are similar in design and purpose.

A sauna uses dry heat and is generally hotter than a steam room. The Sauna at Tattersalls is typically kept at 85 degrees, whereas our steam room sits at 46 degrees, and despite the difference in temperature both can play an important part in health and recovery.

Sauna: Heat can increase your heart rate (to mimic low exercise exertion), it can also help improve your circulation – which has positive effects on your heart and blood pressure, as well as helping to reduce the pain and inflammation of sore muscles.

Steam: Humidity from the steam room also has additional and similar benefits for your body. Steam can alleviate upper respiratory congestion and promotes muscular relaxation, and like the sauna, it has tremendous benefits for your cardiovascular system.

Steam rooms and Saunas have plenty of potential health benefits, but there are still certain things to keep in mind like:

  1. They can be harmful if you overuse them.
  2. Please avoid entering the club if you have a cold or cold-like symptoms
  3. It’s recommended that you spend a maximum of 15 minutes in a dry sauna if you aren’t a regular, and no more than 15 minutes in a steam room otherwise you can suffer from dehydration, after you have increased your tolerance to the sauna you can build it up by 5-minute intervals slowly.
    As suggested by our sources, 40 minutes should be the maximum that you use the sauna for.
  4. We suggest taking water with you to sip on every few minutes to ensure you remain hydrated.
  5. While they can raise your heart rate and make your exercise more effective, steam rooms are not a substitute for exercise- you still need to be doing other forms of training to complement the steam and sauna.
  6. If you are pregnant, immune-compromised, or recovering from surgery, we advise you to avoid the steam room and sauna until you get an all-clear from your doctor.

And finally, always practice good hygiene by showering before going into the steam room or sauna to wash off any bacteria.

For if you would like to know more about our steam and sauna facilities or have any questions regarding the same, then please reach out to the team in the Athletic Department at addesk@tattersallsclub.org.