With the roll out of our digital access card system now complete we are moving into the next stage of our check in system which will help enhance your member experience each time you come into the Athletic Department.

From Monday onwards, we will be requesting that each time you visit the Athletic Department you use your digital or physical card to “tap on” to record your visit.

For those who have the app it is the same process as approaching the front door downstairs, simply twist your phone near the reader and it will record your attendance.

Why? So that we can best see when your preferred time to visit is, which will help us in terms of services and staffing moving forward and allow us to better serve member needs!

For those who don’t have the twist and go function on or who are using a digital card please follow the steps below

Step 1: Approach the Access Point located at the front desk, it is mounted on the wall to your right it is a small black square

Step 2: Hold your phone or card securely in your hand, and then tap the sensor, the light will change and you will hear a beep.

Step 3: Now enter the Athletic Department and enjoy your workout!

We thank you in advance for helping us make this a smooth and easy process which will lead to enhanced and improved member services.