Since the late 1800s, Japan has been recognised for its high-quality pilsner production aligned with the country’s extremely high standards for their culinary scene. Focused on growth and the global market – Sapporo was created in 1876.

Tattersalls has recently just started pouring the exceptional Sapporo lager. It is a light and crispy lager dominated by clean malts – very refreshing! Sapporo pairs with just about any foods, especially rich dishes. Imagine Sapporo’s light crisp bite, heavenly matched for cutting through the juiciness & richness of our pork dish on special next week. In contrast, it complements the savoury and highly seasoned & salted dishes on our bar menu with its refreshing and slightly sweet taste.

Whatever your taste is, come in today and let the team pour you your first schooner while you pay homage to the Japanese art of brewing.

If you want to make a reservation for lunch or dinner, please contact the team at