Over the past few weeks we have been outlining and detailing the best exercises to do to get better at specific sports. Although the articles provide great insights and examples for many, a gap can exist  between reading and doing.

To help eliminate any challenges you may have, we want to take the time to reintroduce our team of experienced and dedicated personal trainers, who with over a combined 40 years of experience can help you with your fitness goals:

  • Jasmine C: With a Pilates and dance background, she focuses on injury prevention, mobility, core strength, and overall functional fitness as well as dedicated programming specific to each individual’s needs;
  • Chris G: Specialist in hypertrophy and strength training, with focus on return to training activities and a fondness for the 5 big lift movements.
  • Jeanette P: With a in depth knowledge of anatomy and human movement. She has become the weight loss specialist of the Athletic Department and now focuses on prehab based training.
  • Damian T: A sports specific trainer. With functional knowledge and a performance-based mindset, Damian is the perfect trainer for anyone looking to take on running events or weight reduction.

Now is the perfect time to reach out and engage with one of our amazing trainers!

For any questions, please reach out to Athletic Director Malcolm at athleticmgr@tattersallsclub.org.