With winter fast approaching many of us are counting down till when the Ski fields open.
It’s been seven long months since the fields shut down, with that in mind we want to give you some exercises that you can do now to get the most out of the upcoming season and take your technique from “Pizza/french-fries” to Eric the Eagle style, here at your Athletic Department.

  • Crab walks with resistance bands: Place a resistance band just above your knees. Lower into a half squat position. Keeping the same distance between your feet always reach with your front foot and push of your back foot. Take 4-6 steps in either direction.
  • Lunges: Take a wide step forward bringing your back knee towards the ground in line with the heel of your front foot. Drive forward off your back foot bringing your legs back together. Keep your chest tall.
  • DB Thrusts: Holding Dumbbells on your shoulders, keeping your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, descend into a squat. Stand up tall and continue into a straight arm overhead press with your palms facing on another.
  • Planks: Placing your forearms on the mat, lift onto your toes with your feet together. Hold that position focusing on having a nice straight line between your shoulder, hip, and ankle.
  • Wall sits: Sit with your back and shoulders against the wall and lower your body until your knees are around 90°. Hold this position for 30s to a minute.

Don’t forget our loved Pilates classes! Pilates helps skiers really focus on a dynamic and full range of motion and the strengthening of the hamstrings, which can help balance overused quads as well as serve as backup support for the ligaments around the knee such as the ACL.

Please contact the team at athletic@tattersallsclub.org or on 9263 9213 if you would like to book a personal training session.