Sleep is also training! Over the past few weeks, we have described and detailed how to get better at certain activities, and have focused on muscles, movements, and straight.

One topic that we haven’t discussed (until now) is probably the most important subject- sleep!

Aristotle once said, “It is inevitable that every man (and woman) which wakes must also be capable of sleeping since it is impossible for any man to continue actualizing his powers perpetually”.

With Aristotle in mind, we want to share the best tips to get the most out of sleep and recovery.

1) From 9 pm onwards start dimming lights and limiting the use of technology.

Our body starts releasing the hormone Melatonin once the sun sets and we start to wind down, by limiting your screen time your body will release more of this hormone which in turn gets you into a deeper sleep quicker.

2) Limit your caffeine intake

The rule of thumb is no caffeine should be consumed 5 hours before you go to sleep, caffeine blocks our adenosine hormone, which is a naturally occurring calming hormone.

3) Create a sleep routine

This is going to look different for every person. It might include starting with step 1 from above. Reading a book, meditating, or listening to relaxing music. Anything that starts to tell your body to wind down and get ready for sleep. This includes not checking work emails right before bed. The most important part is consistency and going to bed at the same time every night no matter what.

4) Don’t overdo it

Like any form of training sometimes doing more does more harm than good. And although this contradicts the theme, you should also have a routine for waking up established- set a consistent alarm to sure you wake up at the same time at least 4 days a week.

If you need help creating a good exercise and good sleep routine, reach out to the team at