Subject only to the Tattersalls Club Act, the Registered Clubs Act and any other law, the Club is governed by its rules and amplifying by-laws.

By-laws are passed by the Committee, from time to time, in accordance with rule 82. The present by-laws were approved on 20th November 2019 and are available online or by contacting the Membership team.

For convenience, over the past several years the majority of Members have moved to an automatic subscription renewal. For the Club, this saves enormous resources and makes the membership renewal process seamless for Members. Our feedback is that for the overwhelming majority this will be a welcome convenience.

The Committee have approved the introduction of the following by-law:

9. Renewals

All memberships are renewed annually on the established payment terms of the current membership year. The membership year runs from 01 July to 30th June. Members are required to advise the Administration Department of their intention to resign not less than one calendar month prior to the end of the membership year. Membership payments will be processed on the 01st July (or the next business day) if not paid in advance.

For any questions please contact the Club Secretary by email at