As we look ahead to the future, it’s crucial that we reflect upon our past. Learning from history allows us to progress and advance as a society. This week, we’re excited to delve into the rich and storied history of Tattersalls Club. We’ll be exploring a momentous occasion in the club’s timeline- the acceptance of female members. This year we celebrate this important milestone, and we invite you to gain a deeper understanding of Tattersalls Club’s past.

In early 2013, Tattersalls Club reached a pivotal moment in its history when our chairman, Mr Colin Dunn, sent out a consultation to the members to gather their thoughts and comments on whether or not to welcome women as Tattersalls members. Through an online survey and direct contact with the General Manager, Des Mulcahy, members were able to voice their opinions and concerns.

After careful consideration and a Special General meeting held on May 29, 2013, members voted favourably to accept women into the club. However, in order to make this official, the Club’s Rules needed to be changed and ratified at a second SGM on June 26, 2013, this was defeated.

Overall, this first step in 2013 was a significant moment that marked a positive step towards a more inclusive and diverse society, and we invite you to raise a glass to that.