If you’ve ventured into the Athletic Department lately there would be a strong chance you tripped over someone doing pushups or had to sidestep a member completing their allocated reps for the push for a better challenge.

Raising funds for mental health charities the challenge has seen over 60 Tattersalls members completing 3249 pushups over 23 days.

As we know the rate of suicide and mental health disorders is on the rise in Australia, the goal of this challenge was to help raise awareness reduce the stigma of mental health and hopefully provide help and insights for anyone who needed it.

Incredibly Tattersalls has combined for over 135,00 pushups and has raised nearly $3300 dollars for our selected charity.

Nation wide over 2.75 million pushups have been completed and a vital $10.8 million dollars raised to battle mental health and help reduce the rate of suicide in Australia.

The challenge has provide a great insight into the Tattersalls community, many members have partnered up to ensure that they and their selected accountability buddy have got the reps done, we have also seen members complete their pushups from Florence, at the snow in Jindabyne, from downtown Chicago and even in the back service elevator between floors.

With one day remaining (and so close to the end of financial year) there is still the opportunity to donate to this cause, please click on the link below to donate on behalf of the Tattersalls Club.

Finally a big well done and thank you for everyone who participated in this years challenge- with all going well next year there will be less reps to complete.