Leading up to and over the course of this extended Olympic year, Member Mal Booth digitised the magazines and newsletters of our Club. The collection that can be accessed to goes back to 1929 (when the magazines started) and is available in its entirety here.

As many of you may know, beside the swimming pool in the Athletic Department there is an honour board that recognises Members who have represented Australia in the Olympic sports of swimming and water polo. While digitising our magazines and newsletters, Mal came across quite a few well-known names that are missing from that board and also some Olympic representatives from other sports are not recognised elsewhere in the Club.

His research to date is represented in this list where he has listed the 24 names that he came across in the magazines and newsletters, where they have been cited as Members. We have added another 6 Members to this list. Also included is the years they competed in and what medals they won. We think this is pretty close to correct, but would love further information if anyone has any. This is the source for the information in the table.

*Pictured: Bill Phillips on the right during the Tokyo Olympics 1964