By Peter Thiel and team

After a three-year pandemic pause, Tattersalls Members returned to Maui this year to continue the Club’s long tradition of competing the Maui Channel Swim.

This year the Club was represented by many Members: Peter Thiel and James Hickman, along with Jarrod Poort, Ollie Signorini, Wes Roberts, and Duke Wieland made up the Tattersalls Masters Australia team; John de Mestre swam for a mixed Australian and US team (Team Mai Tai) and Andrew Davis and Cesar Puertolas headed up the Tattersalls Sociales team which recruited four US female triathletes to round out their roster.

Conditions on the day of the race were excellent although there was a current to contend with which slowed up progress.

In the end, the Tattersalls Masters Team emerged as the overall winners in a time of 3:15. This was the fourteenth win in a row for the Club. John de Mestre’s Team Mai Tai took home second overall and won the mixed category in a time of 3:48. Tattersalls Sociales came home within one second of their predicted finish time and took out fourth in their division.

All in all a fantastic day on the water and it was great to have Tattersalls so well represented in the results.

Once again, the Tattersalls team was representing the Blackdog Institute and promoting the ‘Exercise Your Mood’ campaign raising awareness of the benefits of exercise on mood disorders. Click here to learn more.

A number of the Tattersalls swimmers then headed over to Waikiki for the 3.85km Roughwater swim two days later. Our swimmers were well-represented in the results with Ollie Signorini winning overall for the third year in a row. Wes Roberts was third overall, Jarrod Poort fourth, and Duke Wieland fifth.

John de Mestre had another amazing swim finishing thirteenth overall and winning his age group by a mile. James Hickman finished eighteenth overall and also won his age group by a mile. Peter Thiel finished twenty-sixth overall and second in his age group and Andrew Davis finished thirteenth in his age group notwithstanding the fact he stopped halfway to assist a swimmer who was having a medical episode.

We are hoping to go back next year with a number of teams, so start planning now!

To learn more about or register your interest for next year, please contact the team at

(L to R) James Hickman, Duke Wieland, Jarrod Poort, Wes Roberts, Peter Thiel and Ollie Signorini.