Thursday 07 March 2024 at 18:00

In an effort to foster stronger connections with other prominent private clubs in Australia, the Tattersalls Young Member Committee is excited to announce the launch of a revolutionary concept inspired by the London Private Club Scene – The 10 x10 Philanthropy Event

The 10×10 initiative was founded to empower the next generation of changemakers who are driven to make a positive impact on society.

All members are invited to join us for an evening of giving back, networking, and forging connections that will last a lifetime.

Why Interclub Socials?
Connect and Network: Build meaningful connections with young members from other private clubs, expanding your social and professional networks.
Rotating Locations: Experience the diversity of Sydney’s private club scene by attending events at different locations.
Casual Atmosphere: Enjoy a relaxed setting, whether it’s an open-bar casual night or a themed gathering hosted by one of the participating clubs.

We believe that these interclub socials will not only enhance your Tattersalls experience but also create a broader sense of community among Sydney’s private clubs. Be prepared for exciting themes, engaging activities, and opportunities to showcase the unique offerings of each club.

Date: Thursday 07 March 2024, starting at 18:00
Venue: Tattersalls Club Dining Room and Bar
Admission: $100 per person – Your ticket not only grants entry but also converts into “Charity Dollars,” allowing participants to contribute to their chosen charity.

Stay tuned for more details and mark your calendars for the upcoming 10×10 Philanthropy Event – it’s an evening you won’t want to miss!