With our Tattersalls Black Dog team winning 13 straight Maui channel swims up until Covid hit in 2020, along with a large contingent of Tattersalls teams participating, the annual Maui trip is a beloved and must do tradition of the Club.

For the second year running our swimmers are grounded on home soil, so we are paying tribute by creating a team challenge from Sydney to Maui, whilst fundraising for our good friends at the Black Dog Institute.

How long will it take us as a team to travel the 16,545km distance to Maui and back? Can we reach our goal by 31st August? You can walk, run, row, cycle, and swim.

To join the challenge, sign up to Strava as an individual – you can download Strava here. Then join our Strava Club: ‘Team Tattersalls Sydney- Maui challenge’. Choose your exercise and your kilometres will be tracked in the group. Please note, if you are on stationary equipment such as an older spin bike or erg, you will have to manually enter your distance.

You can donate to Team Tattersalls Sydney – Maui challenge, raising money for the Black Dog Institute, just click here.

Please email the team at tattersallsclub@tattersallsclub.org if you need assistance with Strava.