Tuesday 11 June from 07:15 to 08:55 in the Dining Room

From member Matt Braithwaite-Young

This week BOF crew raked over the hottest of topics for business owners: the rise of WFH (work from home) culture.

In a feisty-yet-friendly discussion that kept everyone on the edge of their seats, the BOF hive mind turned to WFH as a lasting change in how we work and what our teams expect.

To give you an idea of how a BOF conversation roams over topics to explore the territory, here are just a few of the points raised:

  • The real drivers of WFH – and it isn’t what we thought
  • Bare Minimum Mondays and the curious case of WFH being Monday/Friday not Wednesday/Thursday
  • Types of work impacted and immune occupations
  • The osmosis factor and team performance
  • Corporate friendships
  • Links to productivity (tangible and emergent) and inflation
  • How media bias and vested interests creating mono narratives on WFH
  • The ACTU proposal for mandatory WFH assumption
  • How the Dan Andrews lockdown decisions created a distinct Victorian subculture
  • Quiet quitting and the unemployment market
  • Courtesy and the cameras-off phenomenon
  • What we can learn from the software industry
  • Why some middle-aged managers might just have to get used to WFH in one way or another

And more… as you can see, it’s another example of BOF sneakily delivering insight to members under the disguise of a good chat and debate.

Thanks as always to the wonderful Tattersalls front-of-house team who always turn an early “working” breakfast into a delicious highlight of the week.   This week Anna and Cinz looked after us even though it was stocktake day – thanks to them, and to chef!

By popular vote the next BOF topic is a doozy ….sales.


What is working to generate demand, create leads, convert sales and create brands?  You’ll find out on Tuesday 11 June.

07:15 Coffee orders
07:30 Start
08:55 Finish – Get ready for your workday

This next BOF is for anyone who directly (or indirectly) relies on someone getting revenue from selling something.  Arguably that would be everyone in Australia with a job!

The Big BOF Sales Banter will cover what drives the big wheels of topline (revenue) growth.

Pop it in your diary today so you don’t forget!

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