We recently welcomed Nicholas Whitlam for the second author lunch this year, where he discussed his new book ‘Paris 1924 – A Guide‘.

Considered the queen of world cities and the most exciting in the world, there are many stories to be told, and none more so than in 1924; an Olympic year. A time when Americans flocked to a city where there was no Prohibition and little inhibition. The arts flourished. Convention was challenged, negritude celebrated and non-conformity accepted.

Some reviews below:

A welcome addition to anyone’s love affair with Paris: new and salacious stories; remembrances of things past; aide-memoire of still familiar places, people, events, paintings and meals.

“If you are a true Parisophile you have to buy this book. All the stars are there: Proust/Joyce/Picasso/Chanel/Coc Save teau and even Tarzan. Carefully researched, scattered with maps/drawings and photos (some not suitable for the kiddies)…’Paris 1924′ is a treat.”

“Beautifully written and researched.”

A beautiful gift idea for Christmas, the book is available to purchase on Amazon.

Thank you to Nick for taking the time to share this book with us.

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