It feels like every July we approach the subject of alcohol vs. exercise.

We all know life is about balance and moderation, it’s about doing what makes us feel right and happy, it’s about rewarding yourself rather than punishing for things you enjoy.

Sometimes, though, it’s good to know how much effort it takes to burn off that schooner of beer, or that large glass of delicious red wine.

There are approximately 136 calories in a schooner of beer, so we are challenging you to complete this amount of calories in the quickest time on the Ski Erg machine!

There are 120 calories in a standard glass of red wine, so for this, we invite you to head to the treadmill and again time yourself to see how long it takes to burn that many calories.

Of course, we don’t want you to go without beer for July, that’s why we have introduced “Heaps Normal”, non-alcoholic beers into Lane 5. These cans contain only 76 calories and are available from lunchtime onwards in the Café and Bar.

As always, remember to record your name and time on the mirror and track how you go over the month of Dry July.