“Blending wines are popular because of their variety and profusion of flavours. Aside from the prominence of red blends, white blends have been underappreciated due to its connotation as table house wines. But let me introduce you to this fantastic blend” – Chardonnay Viognier.

An early favourite on the new wine list, this 2019 Castagna Adam’s Rib Chardonnay Viognier from Beechworth in Victoria showcases the blend’s composition. The general structure and versatility of the 70% Chardonnay is an asset to the blend, complemented here by Viognier’s floral aromas, and the union of the two grapes can produce a weighty wine that shows pear and apricot.

Although the 30% Viognier is blessed with a much-lauded aromatic profile, the two grapes balance each other out, so the overall wine never feels heavy or overpowering. Together, these two varieties form an exceptional blend.

This new addition is so good that we have made it available by the glass in Coravin, for easy quaffing when you plunge yourself at the Members’ Bar.