Andrew Hampson aka the ‘Bad Yogi’ came to yoga after years of Rugby Union and surfboat rowing. Suffering chronic back pain, he was told by doctors that he would take years to heal, but after a dozen yoga classes he was pain-free.

Inspired by the shift in his physical wellness and mindfulness after practicing yoga, Andrew completed the first of many Yoga Teacher Trainings in 2003. Almost 20 years on, he spends the best part of his days working with private yoga clients from all walks of life, alongside leading the yoga program right here at Tattersalls Club.

Andrew’s philosophy with yoga and the way he perceives it is simple. When he rolls out his mat to practice he feels that he’s energetically taking his body to a mechanic and getting a major overhaul.

Through Andrew’s yoga practice, he takes his body through every conceivable range of movement – bending what needs to be bent, twisting what needs to be twisted, balancing what needs to be balanced and promoting enhanced blood flow and circulation to all areas of his body.

When he rolls up his yoga mat again, Andrew feels an inch taller and significantly reinvigorated. Yoga is the fountain of youth.

Andrew considers himself to be a modern-day yogi, one who loves green tea and lentils but who also loves a cheeky red, the occasional rib eye and a few profanities when required. It’s all about balance.

Like one’s body, life should not be rigid.

So if you’re in need of an overhaul, or simply trying to balance out those red wines, get down to Tattersalls, or tune-in online, to enjoy Yoga lead by the Bad Yogi.

Tattersalls Yoga is held 07:00 every Wednesday morning at the Club and broadcast on Zoom, as well as purely on Zoom 18:00 Monday evenings and 08:30 Sunday mornings.

To join, simply turn up at the Club 07:00 Wednesday mornings, or ask Athletic Concierge for your Zoom invitation.