Welcome to our first Danish whisky in the whisky club. This started life in 2005 in an old abattoir and is now housed in a series of elegant, modern black sheds. The brand was founded by a group of nine friends who wanted to be the first to make a Danish single malt whisky.

For our June whisky of the month, Tattersalls is smoking up the Stauning KAOS Triple Malt Danish Whisky. The name is inspired by the fact that Stauning (the town from which the distillery got its name from) is also the name of early 20th century first social-democratic prime minister Thorvald Stauning who once campaigned on the slogan ‘Stauning eller Kaos’, meaning ‘Stauning or chaos’.

Tasting notes as follows:

Colour: Light gold, almost like a light apple juice

Nose: Picture yourself eating cereal in front of a bonfire

Palate: Some sultana and apple sweetness. But interestingly not a smokey palate BUT a smokey exhale

Water: Adding water could easily stand up to the classic Islay malts

Finish: A long smoky aftertaste with a hint of raisins and vanilla, overall very smooth

This is a great everyday drink for those who like a little smoke in their life, offering the blend of unpeated malt, smoked malt, and malted rye. What an exceptional dram.

If you would like to join the whisky club, please contact the team at dine@tattersallsclub.org.