From Monday 12 to Monday 26 February

For many of our members, the lockers, storage and shoe racks on level 2M are a key benefit of your Tattersalls membership.

Knowing that all your belongings are stored here; you can arrive, collect your items, do a workout, return your shoes and then leave.

With membership numbers increasing, storage is now at a premium.

In order to continue to provide this service and space for members, we are in need of a spring clean! On Monday 12 February at 09:00 we will place all shoes, squash rackets, bags and excess training gear that isn’t stored in a locker into the middle of the floor on level 2M.

We ask that members please find your shoes, rackets and other belongings and return them to the shoe racks or your allocated lockers so we know that they are being used. We will also have permanent markers on site for those who wish to label your equipment.

This allows you a 2 week window to please come and claim your belongings.
Any shoes or equipment that is remaining in the designated zone on Monday 26th February will be donated to our charity partners at clothing clean up. Any extra squash rackets or training equipment will be absorbed by the club and made available for other members to use if needed.

We look forward to this project creating a more organised and tidier space for all our members, and thank you for your assistance in this spring clean.