One of the most popular questions we get asked in the Athletic Department is how long will it take to work off a beer or wine when training?

Well like a piece of string- there is no exact answer, what we can tell you is the amount of calories in a single can. Each standard beer, for example, contains 156 calories. One glass of wine is around 83 calories. So, what’s the best drink to have on special moments? The one that you will drink less.

One of the best ways to burn these calories and improve your metabolism to not gain weight is by building muscles and exercising regularly. And here’s how we can help you with that:

To help you find your balance and feel your body healthier, this is our Workout of the Month: treadmill run or Spin bike classes. Simple, effective, and it can help you to reach other personal goals like running a marathon (check the Tattersalls 101 Be Better edition on this newsletter).

Once you have completed the Workout of the month, write your name and time up on the mirror and encourage your fellow Athletic members to take on this challenge.

Remember, the constancy in our routine is what makes the difference! (And don’t forget to drink water).

If you think you need a more personalised plan to hit your goals, don’t hesitate in contact