Did you know? Tattersalls Club is an Official Partner of the Waratahs.

Last night the Club hosted the Waratahs in Business group and a number of Tattersalls Club Members attended along with many other partners and members of this exciting business group.

Waratahs in Business basically combines business and rugby, so the Bar was buzzing with players and people more than willing to mix business and pleasure, with the addition of some of our always-excellent finger food (from the Tatts kitchen), wines from Waratah partners Scarborough and G&T from Lord Howe Island Distilling Co.

The evening has three parts. First, a networking session where everyone circulates and meets (alongside our excellent service and food, and with the Waratah’s sponsored wines and spirits), then, a moderated Q&A with coaches before a final Q&A with players.

The tone of the discussion is fun but there is still a lot to learn from how coaches develop an elite sporting team and motivate their players.

Sporting metaphors in business are almost cliche but what they have in elite sport – and the Waratahs are a great example – are the hallmarks of a well-run business. They care for people, set clear outcomes, define winning processes and measure performance against KPIs.

What elite sport has, and the reason business really does have a lot to learn from sport, is that their feedback loop is so frequent during the playing season.

There’s nowhere to hide. The players are on TV and every interaction and play is recorded and analysed. For instance, every line-out throw by the hooker is rated and scored. In every game! This gives the elite coaches and players the opportunity to spot trends and improve performance over time.

The good news is, the Waratahs are lifting now because the coaching program is working and the playing group is coming together as a winning team.

If you are interested in the current Waratahs partners you can find them here: https://nsw.rugby/about/our-partners

Tattersalls Club also has a business directory which you can find HERE

Go Tahs!

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18:00 Thursday 28 April
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17:05 Saturday 30 April
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18:30 Wednesday 18 May
Waratahs in Business

To RSVP or for more information about the Waratahs, please contact events@tattersallsclub.org