It’s a four-lane, 25-metre oasis that sits at 26 degrees celsius all year round no matter what the conditions outside, not to mention the beautiful aspect overlooking Hyde Park, so who wouldn’t agree that the Tattersalls Pool is the most picturesque in Sydney.

Moreso than the view, using the Tattersalls Pool could have you looking picturesque too! Swimming is one of the only sports in the world that uses every muscle in the body.

Despite being low impact, it has been proven to be one of the most effective forms of training, not just for weight loss but overall tone and calorie burn.

The Athletic Department currently offers three Squad sessions weekly, taking place 06:00 every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The AD also has a stroke correction class/lunch Squad every Wednesday from 12:30 which has a high emphasis on technique, breathing exercises and drills to get you moving the best you ever have in the water.

The Squad is overseen by one of Sydney’s top coaches Ewen McDonald who has the patience of a saint and can help anyone with their swimming stroke or Squad goals.

As well as Squads, weekly programs are written up on a Monday morning so if you can’t make the Squad session (we all know that training in a group is much more fun) then you still have the chance to complete the swim outlined for that day.

For any information regarding swim Squad/stroke correction or any pool related questions please contact the Athletic Department on