Earlier this year the team in the Athletic Department decided to make their goals public.

The team encouraged our members to do the same, knowing the full potential of public accountability as a form of extrinsic motivation.

Over the last few months we have seen some incredible and varying goals achieved.

We wanted to take the time to acknowledge some of these and highlight the importance of “Dreaming it, Writing it, Doing it”.

The best part about these goals is the variety, as we know not one shoe size fits all, and it shows the importance of finding a goal that is motivating for the individual.

In no particular order the following have been some of the highlights of the last 4 months.

James Hickman and his team raising $5million for the starlight foundation via the super swim.

Justin Hanby completing his 25km swim under 7 hours , Robin McGowan Back Squatting (with amazing technique) 140kgs, Guy Farrow breaking 26s for 50mts freestyle and James Young being the lightest and strongest he has been in years.

There has also been some incredible achievements in the wilderness with Andrew and Maria Cresta completing the Everest base camp Trek, Sharon Delayney completing her 4 day trek of NZ with ease and Angus Benett completing the Canberra marathon in a breathtaking 2hrs 50 mins.

On the trainer’s side Cameron was the first to complete his goal benching his body weight 10 times with ease while only last week Jasmine deadlifted 80kilos with precision and poise.

Our members are still adding their goals to the wall and motivating themselves.