Great food is always available in your Members Bar & Dining Room. Hot, Cold, Warm, Mild – Perfect for any weather.

Whilst Spaghetti Bolognese is unofficially the Italian nation’s favourite dinner, where does your humble Italian venture for an uplift, a treat and possibly some old fashioned showing off? Ragu.

The perfect ragu should be dark rusty brown, somewhat simple looking, highly savoury, and only just thick enough to feel sumptuous.

Currently listed on both Tattersalls’ Dining Room & Bar menus, is the Braised lamb ragu with fresh pappardelle, parmesan, and salsa verde. Head chef Fernando has created this with patience and love and mentions you cannot hurry a ragout. Anything less than a day is likely to disappoint.

We have matched this with our glass of Sangiovese, its medium weighted body and savoury character with high tannins will work perfectly with this dish and the salsa verde, a green sauce that introduces a welcome freshness.

You’ll be pleased to learn it is also available in our dinner menu, available Wednesday to Friday nights in the Members’ Bar. To make a dinner reservation, please contact the team at