There was a time when the scotch region of Campbeltown was the most prolific of all Scotland’s whisky regions. Around a century ago, when whisky virtually coursed through the streets of the town, with a distillery on every corner, nigh on every simpering inhabitant involved in its creation, and boats queuing in the port to carry off casks of Campbeltown Single Malt Scotches so that whisky lovers everywhere could enjoy a truly authentic Scottish dram. 

Tattersalls November whisky of the month showcases the perfect connotation of sea spray and gentle smoke.

Colour: Very rich amber colour
Nose: Briny sea spray with a hint of vanilla
Palate: Soft apple and peach. Almost like eating an apple crumble with a scoop of vanilla custard
Water: The nose gets more citrus notes. The palate is not as sweet and becomes a little more mineral too, so I wouldn’t recommend the addition of water
Finish: Dry smoke alongside a sweet, caramel forward finish, very rich and medium finish

Campbeltown is not only the smallest whisky region, but it is also a distinctive and isolated place. Although these characteristics and dudgeons may not appeal to all, Campbeltown Harbour, once central to some of the most important sea routes in the UK, was essential to the development of the whisky industry locally and in wider 19th-century Scotland. We like to think of this classic malt as a toast to all the whisky-making heritage.