Thursday 4th March 2021 Newsletter

March Whisky of the Month – Loch Lomond ‘The Open’ Special Edition – reviewed by Club Chairman and Tattersalls golfer Colin Dunn.

For one short minute just close your eyes
And imagine rolling hills of fruit and peach
Now look at your glass with the orange-amber glow
And the golden liquid within your reach

‘The Open’ edition of Loch Lomond
Is a drop that will give to all many thrills
They’ve crafted a drop with golf on their mind
But the nose shows stone fruits and rolling hills

At the end, it demonstrates such a fine flavour
Which shows that our Club’s selection is great
Just sit back and relax and enjoy the drop
Don’t ever think drinking fine scotch is a mistake

Overall: Close your eyes and envision rolling hills of peaches and stone fruit. Strolling through groves of fruit trees. Whiff the sweetness of brown sugar and molasses. The sweet palate lingers.

Colour: deep amber orange, like a yellow river of gold.
Nose: you immediately smell the sweetness which seems to have origins in peach or stone fruits. There are hints of passionfruit, brown sugar and molasses.
Palate: shades of vanilla essence brings out the peach and stone fruit nose. Definitely a molasses finish.
Water: dilutes the sweetness and not recommended.
Finish: medium/long finish. Sweetness lingers as your thoughts drift to stone fruit covered hills.

I hope you enjoy the experience.
Good tasting,
Colin Dunn
Guest reviewer

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