Next Book Club Meeting: Tuesday 19 September from 17:30 at the Club

David Castle’s book review  “Small Things Like This” – Claire Keegan:

“A writing masterclass from a brilliant Irish author. So good that we gave her an almost unprecedented 8/10. To cover the tragedy known as The Magdalen Laundries as a novel with believable protagonists in 110 pages is no mean feat. Not a word was wasted. Not only were we introduced to the unbelievable tragedy of unmarried mothers – separated from their babies and forced into slave labour by the Catholic Church, until as recently as 1986 – but also the moral dilemma faced by the whistleblower. Challenging the Catholic Church in Ireland in the 1980s was not for the fainthearted. Do you sacrifice the well-being of your family for your conscience?

Ireland of course was not unique in treating unmarried mothers as sinners. So much to discuss – including the stolen generation. Also, we could have talked all night about the fate of the whistleblower and his/her family.”

Shortlisted for the 2022 Booker Prize, we wondered whether there were any better books written that year. A good discussion generated by a really good book.

Our traditional 3-word summaries included: – short, succinct, electrifying; small but mighty; modern, mediaeval, Catholicism and conscience versus family.

The Book club will next meet at the Club on Tuesday 19 September from 17:30 to discuss Jock Serong’s book, “The Settlement”.

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